Frequently Asked Questions

What is P.I.G.I?

Find out here!

Who’s eligible to join the “quest for blue”?

This competition is intended for students actively enrolled in Undergraduate, Graduate, or PhD level programs. However non-industry hobbyists are encouraged to have a go.

What will the submission look like?

Competition entries are limited to a 2-page business proposal (we will give a template and instructions), the PIGI software save file, and an excel spreadsheet. We are keeping the writeup small because we prefer the effort to be on the mission design rather than creative writing. We will provide examples during the training sessions leading up to the event day.

Can we enter a team?

We won’t track whether you are an individual or a team, however we are only sending prize money to an individual or the legal guardian of that individual.

How many entries can I submit?

Only 1 submission will be allowed per individual/team.

But I’m in industry and want to play! Can I join the fun?

Of course you can! Contact us to ask about being a mentor or moderator in the forum

How are submissions judged?

Each submission is ranked on 1. (70%) the dollar amount (“Total Addressable”) value of the constellation simulated using PIGI and matched in the spreadsheet; and 2. (30%) The viability of the business idea in the 2-page writeup.

What resources will be made available to me?

Saber Astronautics will provide you with resources to help you design your mission. Before the challenge begins, enrolled participants will have access to a workshop to learn the basics of P.I.G.I and space operations. In addition, throughout the running of the challenge you will have access to a forum to discuss ideas with fellow challengers and mentors.

I don’t have prior experience with space operations, can I still participate?

Of course! This challenge has been designed for students who have had no prior experience with space operations. Training is free.


Terms and Conditions for the competition will be coming soon - Stay tuned.

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